June 29, 2016
featuring Twyla Tharp’s In the Upper Room


April 6th -9th, 2017

Dorothy Jemison Day Theater, Alabama School of Fine Arts

Ovation is a mixed repertory performance of contemporary ballet. “In the Upper Room”, choreographed by Emmy award winning choreographer Twyla Tharp, synthesizes choreography, costumes, music and lighting into a transcendent experience for both audience and performers. The choreography, set to a score by Phillip Glass, fuses a broad spectrum of movement into one vigorous vocabulary; boxing, tap, dance, yoga, ballet, and full-out sprinting are intertwined. The dancers show their full potential by pushing through the difficult steps, intricate timing, and aerobic demands of the choreography. As the piece progresses, the dancers shed layers of clothing, revealing bright red under-layers and sweaty skin.

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