June 28, 2016

Alabama Ballet has from the beginning been committed to pushing the edge, transcending tradition, and creating a body and style of work that no one before dared imagine. It has become both an authentic part and symbol of the great city it calls home. And what the Company achieves has always only been possible with the support of like-minded patrons.

As a supporter of Alabama Ballet, you become a partner in the creative process as well as a Company insider with access to opportunities and services that we hope will enhance your experience as an audience member. Your gift enables Alabama Ballet to commission and present new works by today’s leading choreographers and composers, preserve the masterpieces in its repertory, sustain its brilliant dancers and Royal Academy of Dance Accredited Ballet School, and reach thousands of public school students, young adults, and others with education programs that are instructive, innovative and entertaining.

Please join us and become a part of something unique, great and lasting.

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